HDDlife Pro V4.2.204 won't work !

<!--StartFragment -->Hi there,

I have been using HDDlife Pro since 2006 on my desktop, and all has been fine up to now.

It has been OK on Windows XP, 7 and now Windows 10.. all 64-bit.

The previous version was fine until I upgraded to the latest version 4.2.204 !

Now after installation I get the error "The Parameter is incorrect"

I have un-installed/re-installed. cleaned etc but this error still persists.

Trying to launch the program from the desktop icon results in... nothing !!!

I have now un-installed it altogether.

Between the older version working and installing the new version I have not done anything or installed any other programs, so the problem is definitely down to HDDlife Pro.

Any help please ?

Kindest Regards,

Steve Denney

P.S. I have also emailed : support@binarysense.zendesk.com


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